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Jun 12, 2021

Paul R. Fleischman is a scientist, author, and mediator. He joins us to discuss the experience of Wonder, including:


A scientific definition of wonder.

What happens to wonder in capitalism and bureaucracy?

Why wonder makes for a bad employee (and why it’s good to be a bad employee?).

How a low-budget summer camp saved his life and sense of wonder.

The inimitable sound of the Thrush.

Wonder: how to use the word without destroying the phenomenon.

The role of non-useful information in our lives.

How to cultivate wonder.

A short digression to dis William Blake.

Intentionality: designing our life around wonder.

Routinizing wonder and getting in ruts.

Unconditional love, empathy, and mirror neurons.


And much, much more…


Some references from the interview:

A brief biography of Paul:

Paul’s book on Wonder:

The song of the hermit thrush:

Whitman’s poem starring the thrush (When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d):