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Sep 18, 2021

Folks, this is a different kind of episode. The original intent was to interview Jeffrey Fox, the author of "How to be a rainmaker," and to uncover the deep and universal lessons in what is ostensibly a book about sales.


I can safely say that I "botched" that interview and couldn't keep the conversation on topic. So today's episode is Nate interviewing Ankur on the universal lessons present in Jeffrey Fox's "How to be a rainmaker."


We get into connections between sales, empathy, deep listening, non-violent communication, interest-based negotiation, imposter syndrome, authenticity, activism, and much more.


References from the show:


Jeffrey Fox's book which sparked this conversation:


Marshall Rosenberg's Center for Non-Violent Communication:


The Rainmaker's Credo (Chapter I of the book), which we think applies pretty well to friendship and human relationships in general:


Cherish customers at all times

Treat customers as you would your best friend

Listen to customers and decipher their needs

Make (or give) customers what they need

Price your product to its dollarized value

Show customers the dollarized value of what they will get

Teach customers to want what they need

Make your product the way customers want it

Get your product to your customers when they want it

Give your customers a little extra, more than they expect

Remind customers of the dollarized value they received

Thank each customers sincerely and often

Help customers pay you, so they won't be embarrassed and go elsewhere

Ask to do it again.


And then there was Nate's quote/phraser from a classical composer. We're still on the lookout for that one: let us know if you find it ;)