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Feb 19, 2022

Hello and welcome to episode 00022 of the Ten Thousand Heroes Podcast.

I recorded today’s interview with Robert MacNaughton.

Robert MacNaughton is an executive coach and facilitator who specializes in balancing interpersonal development alongside individual performance. 

Robert founded the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado in association with renowned philosopher Ken Wilber, which hosted an international community of thought leaders, practitioners, and "evolutionaries." 

He now hosts a podcast and works as an executive coach, supports leaders in resolving the gaps between their vision, roadmap, team alignment, and sustainable execution.

I got Robert to give me a watered-down digestible overview of integral philosophy, complete with a simple color coding system, and then to present some of the best and worst features of each level of development.

The invitation to the listener is not to try to categroize yourself or the people you dislike, but rather to widen your perspective to the point where you realize every perspective has beauties and flaws, or, as Robert’s own podcast is called, “disasters and dignities”. 

What are the negative consequences of my own worldview? How can I address them by integrating aspects of worldviews that I have heretofore despised. That’s the point, as far as I’m concerned…

Thanks again for listening to today’s show. Stay tuned after the interview for the debrief with my co-host Nathan Ramos. And remember to email us at or follow us on twitter at @10khshow.



Robert's podcast:

Best way to contact Robert:

His most recommended KW/Integral books:

Trump and a Post-Truth World: (most relevant)

The Eye of Spirit - (bitesize anthology of timeless articles)

Reinventing Orgs, (not Wilber, but good case studies of teal orgs)