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Mar 19, 2022

Hello and welcome to episode 00024 of the Ten Thousand Heroes Podcast.

I’m Ankur Shah Delight and today’s interview is with Kern Beare

I met Kern Beare in the summer of 2020 after seeing a talk posted on the Awakin list. I was immediately impressed by his project – a drive across the country talking to people of radically different political perspectives and ideologies, searching for the seeds of common understanding.

It’s my kind of dream project, like Michael Ferranti going to Iraq with a guitar. The potential for human creativity and curiosity to overcome the spectacle of division.

In today’s episode, I catch up with Kern on how that journey went, where it has taken him, what he thinks can save America from discord, and more. 

Thanks again for listening to today’s show. Stay tuned after the interview for the debrief with my co-host Nathan Ramos.

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