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Jun 25, 2022

Welcome back to 10,000 Heroes, your go-to podcast for inspiration and inquiry into what a life of purpose and fun is all about.   

My name is Ankur Shah Delight and our project here is to facilitate, to midwife, the birth of an entire generation of people totally aligned with their purpose, their contribution.


Because that’s what I think we’re going to need to survive. 


My guest today is Zorina Wolf.


Humble and hilarious, Zorina moves me over and over with her story of how she got deep – and I mean deep – into drumming and rhythm. And how that rhythm work connects to her mission of bringing people together.


The end of this episode features a rhythm meditation with Zorina that is quite profound. Don’t do it while driving. There is a link to a youtube video in the show notes if you prefer to see the video for that part of it (I would).


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A special rhythm meditation from our guest, just for you: 


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