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Jul 9, 2022

Welcome back to 10,000 Heroes. Our mission is social transformation through personal change.


More precisely, I define a hero as somebody who is acting in alignment with their purpose, and thus living their life as a contribution to the All. That’s a tall order and we’re all at different stages in that journey, but wherever you are, if I can help, inspire, or facilitate you taking another step towards our collective effervescence, I will consider today a good day.


To quote Ice Cube.


My guest today is Joe Bridge, who has recently released an absolutely incredible Space Opera called “We Are Rising”. It’s actually very deep philosophy disguised as a Funky Space Opera. If you even like one of those words, I would highly encourage you to listen to the album, repeatedly, and pay attention to the deep wisdom in the lyrics.


I hope you’re as moved by Joe’s extra-stellar wisdom as I am.

And As always, we love hearing from you!


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