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Nov 27, 2022

Hey everybody. This was a powerful interview to record. Stephen Jenkinson has quite a presence and it took me from my default jovial nature to a real sense of centering and depth and real-ity. 


He invites (demands?) me to question my priorities: death over growth, my ancestors over myself.


If the goal of this show is to participate in your evolution, then this episode is one of our best.


I’m excited to hear your feedback, so if you listen to this, and are moved by it, please get in touch. I want to hear it. I want to air it, even.


Be 1 and Be Well!



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Twitter: @10khshow


Guest References:

Stephen's Jenkinson's bio here: 

And (as of fall 2022), he’s on tour:

- Readings and live conversations with Kimberly Ann Johnson called Reckoning Live

- Nights of Grief & Mystery (video clip here: