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Jan 25, 2023

(with apologies to the estate of Lao Tzu…)


I think we're coming to the conclusion of a cycle here. The first solocast I did this quarter was about this notion of the Teal Society.


The second got into the similarities between two seemingly different tools or worldviews: Loving One’s Enemies and The Scientific Method, both of which I think we're going to need to assimilate into the core of being if we want to get to this Teal Society thing


And the third was about accountability and community.


What I'm trying to do here is draw a sense of dependency between grand goals, being exposed to different points of view, and the power of community. 


And this is where I share one of my favorite patterns for building community:


The Dinner Party


And if you follow my logic, the Dinner Party now has a mythic status and a revolutionary role.


Because it's through the Dinner Party, when done correctly, that we build community, and it's through community that we tighten our links of accountability and expose ourselves to contradictory viewpoints in a relational container, so we can't just throw them out as idiotic or capital Wrong, because they came from someone we love. 


So here's some concrete steps on doing my version of the Lao Tzu dinner party.


  1. Plant the idea in advance. (come at 6, we'll eat at 7:30)
  2. Have a loose plan (sand at low tide)
  3. Ask everyone to bring an ingredient (not a product)
  4. Use the space (architecture and sensual)
  5. Give everyone a task
  6. Find the challenge/novelty
  7. Existence is a perfection: no judgment zone


For the love of all that is holy: let me know what you think.


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