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Feb 20, 2023

This episode is about reconciling opposites. In this case, planning and relaxation. I introduce a tool I use called the Chain of Inspiration, which helps me connect the uninspiring actions I might have to take in the near term with what really calls to me in terms of action and results in the long term. 


We use the Chain of Inspiration concept regularly in Momentum Lab with profound results. Remember it and use it on yourself (when appropriate).


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I normally refer to Momentum Lab as an experiment-based coaching program or a goal accelerator.


But it’s beyond that. It’s a deep investigation into Purpose, Vision, and what it takes to achieve our goals in every area of life.


If you’re interested in falling in love with who you are, what you’re doing, or what you’re surrounded with, there’s two roads:


  1. Accepting what is

  2. Transforming your situation


We help you do both. 


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