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May 3, 2023

Today I want to share my plan with you for the next season of this show, Season 6.


This season, I'm going to focus my solocasts on my own definitions of what a hero is, using the last 2 years of this podcast as my body of research. 


I've come up with 10 different definitions of heroism so far, and I'm going to do an episode about each one of them over the next few months. 


Here’s the list:


1. A Hero Is In The Flow

2. A Hero Does Tonic Work

3. A Heroes Loves and Accepts Themselves

4. A Hero Lives In Ikigai

5. A Hero Slows Down Time

6. A Hero Masters Emotion

7. A Hero Zooms Out

8. A Hero Is Spiritually Obese

9. A Hero Sees All Sides

10. A Hero Is Made of Heroes


Alright, friends, that's the overview of Season 6. Let me know what you think. Conflict welcomed, because, as you and I know:


The only way out is through.

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