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May 6, 2023


What did this episode awaken in you? Don’t be shy.


Welcome to the first interview of Season 6. As you may know, I want to devote this season to Conflict.


I took this course in Mediation, the light has been revealed to me, and now I see every conflict as an integral part of my spiritual path.


And by extension, of your spiritual path as well. 


My guest today is Greg Thomas. He's a musician, he's a producer, he's a scholar. I actually know very little of his credentials, but he's a friend of Jeff Salzman, so I was very excited to talk to him. And he blew me away. I fell in love with this guy and I think you will too.


What I loved the most was how he reframes villainy and antagonism as essential parts of any heroic journey, so look out for that and get ready to be grateful for every difficult person and moment you've ever experienced, because that's the logical corrolary of what he's saying.


And what I appreciated most about Greg was his vulnerability. He could have stayed abstract and talked about music and conflict and racialization and racism, but no, he took it real and talked about his journey with relationships, with polyamory and monogamy and parenthood, and that's part of why I was so taken with him. His honesty and his sincerity, not just the depth of his experience and his analysis.


So thank you Greg and I'm really delighted to present this interview to you all.


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