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May 14, 2023

So last week I came at you with a whole map of what I'm going to do this season, involving 10 definitions of heroism. 


And this week -- predictably, if you knew me -- I'm not exactly going to do that. But it'll be close.


I’m going to explain why finding our purpose (analytically) is going to be a question of survival in the coming world of AI, Basic Income, Robots, and conflict resolution.


I also made two videos this week, which I posted to YouTube, on conflict resolution. They're both based on the work on Ken Cloke. One is my synthesis of what mediation is, based on the training I took with Ken. The second is 16 definitions of mediation that Ken gave me, rapid fire, with no preparation or reflection, when I was trying to get some funny material for the first video.


I’m including the audio from both of those videos at the end of this episode.


And remember: The only way out is through.


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