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May 27, 2023


Most of us love avoiding conflict...

 ...if love is evaluated on the basis of our actions rather than our words.

 And there's some really good reasons the mind avoids conflict.


1. You can't lose if you don't play (risk-averse)

2. Conflict means somebody (you) f*cked up. (guilt/shame)


There's also another really good reason the body avoids conflict.


3. We don't know the difference between life-threatening conflict and ego-threatening conflict


As you probably know, I'm not actually here to congratulate you on avoiding conflict.


So in this episode, I'll go over those three (good) reasons to avoid conflict. I'll point why they're good and what negative consequences they have.


And then I'll give a simple 7-word heuristic to help you determine when conflict avoidance is the right thing (and when it's not).

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Alternative Titles :

When Avoiding Conflict Is The Right Strategy

When To Engage in Conflict

When You're Right to Avoid a Conflict (And how to know)