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Jul 29, 2023

These are the final days of our first public Elephant In the Room challenge and it’s been a dramatic success, for me personally and for many of the 100+ people who are participating. In this week’s episode, I share my story – my elephant, my struggles, and what I learned – and draw an important lesson out of it.


TLDR: I went in thinking the Elephant was something blocking me from being who I am and living the way I want to live. That’s true. But what I learned is that by facing it, I am flooded with a huge amount of creative energy, like some kind of superhero. And I never expected that.


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About The Show:

This show, Ten Thousand Heroes, is about aligning our life with our purpose.

Most of the time that requires:

  • Confusion

  • Hard work

  • Addressing conflict, and

  • Unconditional love


How would we treat each other if we assumed every person we met was a hero in disguise (just like we are)?


How would our society and culture change if we did that?

We’re here to support you and challenge you during that journey.


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