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Sep 2, 2023

If I were to write a book about purpose today (I have another ~3 hours before I need to pick up Jasmine), what would it be about? 


Which is maybe the same question as: What are the most important questions for me to address on this show?


In the audio/video version of the episode (links below!) I’ll explain these things a bit more, but here’s the rough outline version:


Part I: Introducing Purpose

Preface: A cocktail party in 2045

My goal for this book is to catalyze a fundamental change in how we relate to ourselves and each other.


Chapter 1: What is Purpose?

We begin by surveying various definitions of purpose and constructing our own, shared, understanding of purpose.


Chapter 2: Purpose is Dead. Long Live Purpose?

We look at how our definition of Purpose is related to definitions in our past, and what it means to “rescue” Purpose from religion.


Part II: Why Purpose Matters

Chapter 3: Why My Purpose Matters To Me: Happiness, Sexual Potency, and Infinite Wealth ***

Some pragmatic motivators to help us understand how having a sense of Purpose could change your life.


Chapter 4: Why My Purpose Matters To Us: World Peace and Human Potential

Some ideological motivations for purpose. How human evolution is related to individual purpose.


Part III: Finding Your Purpose

Chapter 5: What Purpose Feels Like

How do you know you are actually living your purpose and not just kidding yourself in order to be cool?


Chapter 6: How To Find Your Purpose

An incredibly simple and practical method that requires honest observation and introspection.


Chapter 7: Purpose and Time

How your Purpose may change over time and what that implies.


Chapter 8: How To Use Purpose

How you can use Knowing Your Purpose to change your state of mind, make better decisions, and build community, 


Chapter 9: Purpose and Heroism

How living your Purpose is related to Heroism, and what is really going on (internally) when we investigate our purpose.


Part IV: Purpose Traps

Chapter 10: The Generality Trap

My purpose is to be myself / My purpose is to help people


Chapter 11: The Specificity Trap

My purpose is to be an extra-innings pitcher for the Oakland A’s


Chapter 12: The Enlightenment Trap

My purpose is to Be Here Now


Chapter 13: The Midas Trap

My purpose is to make money


Part V: After Purpose

Chapter 14: Momentum Lab: How to do Anything

An overview of Compound Momentum and using Purpose iteratively


Chapter 15: Downscaling Purpose into Vision

How to draft a supernaturally-sharp Vision rooted in your Purpose


Chapter 16: Uncommon Consistency

Once you have a detailed plan connected to your Purpose, the main challenge is doing it. 


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But once we’re exposed to the chaos and diversity of the larger world (#thanksglobalization), the simple narratives of our ancestors suddenly seem silly and unattractive.


Rationality leads us into a desert of meaning.

But it turns out that we left something important behind: Purpose


The Ten Thousand Heroes Show aims to restore our collective sense of meaning and fulfillment through demystifying purpose.


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