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Mar 30, 2024

Somia Sadiq is a peacebuilder and entrepreneur focused on Conflict Transformation. Our conversation was so wide-ranging I thought it would be worth a brief rundown of what we covered:
- Resilience and Fasting
- Definitions: Settler and Newcomer
-  Identity politics
- Ancestral guilt and shame
- How to approach history (and history of oppression) without guilt
- The role of public apologies
- The limits of apologies
- The necessary components of an apology
- intentionality
- acceptance of harm
- remorse
- how it impacted you
- Description of traditional mediation in Punjab (from her grandparents' house)
- Highlights from William Ury's The Third Side: Community as the Conflict Management System
- What makes something feel fair?
- Is taking sides ethical?
- How do global conflicts affect our individual experience?
- What do people mean by "trauma-informed"?
- The Mice and the Cherry Blossoms Experiment
- Trauma vs Agency and Free Will
While it was a stellar interview, I have to say my favorite moment was her story at the end. Listen for it.
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