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Apr 9, 2024

As part of my journey towards understanding what brings us together and what keeps us apart, today I want to share three examples of social dialogue I learned about in the past couple of weeks. I will resist the temptation to draw conclusions prematurely, but just let us all ruminate together with these three examples.

The first is from Nelson Mandela's autobiography -- Long Walk to Freedom (PDF) -- which I'm currently reading.

The second is a description of traditional dispute resolution in pre-partition Punjab from a recent interview I did with Somia Sadiq.

28:30 - 31:30)

And the third is from a listener who called me yesterday and shared his experiences with a facilitator named Bob Chadwick. I'll share a little bit of what I learned in the call and then read a passage from Chadwick that I found online.

(From: Bob Chadwick,

So, I don't know how you see yourself in this moment, but I see you as someone, like me, who is interested in and capable of preventing a civil war. Someone whose actions or inaction will have a lot of consequences where you live, not just this year or this election cycle, but for the next generation and the next phase in our social development. 


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