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Aug 14, 2023

A couple of months ago, at an in-person event I helped organize to connect people with their Visions, I met George Moore. Towards the end of the retreat, when offered the choice between a plant-based bug spray and the DEET version, he said:


“Oh, give me the chemicals. They’ve been keeping me alive for over 30 years anyways”


That moment planted a seed of curiosity in me, and this interview is the result.


George shares a small fraction of near-death experiences as a man living with HIV/AIDS from 1989 to now, and how it led him to renounce his possessions and his identity during the journey. He is a mystic in the best sense of the word, having chosen to take constructive lessons on how to live and love from years of pain and discomfort.


Listen to George. He’ll blow your mind.


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Why are you here?

What is this short and fragile life about?


These questions have easy answers in traditional cultures. You listen to the myths and stories of your elders and nod along.

But once we’re exposed to the chaos and diversity of the larger world (#thanksglobalization), the simple narratives of our ancestors suddenly seem silly and unattractive.


Rationality leads us into a desert of meaning.

But it turns out that we left something important behind: Purpose


The Ten Thousand Heroes Show aims to restore our collective sense of meaning and fulfillment through demystifying purpose.


We present empirical techniques and rational arguments for taking Purpose seriously, while leaving room for fun and mystery.


And we interview inspiring humans along the way, each of whom has a clear sense of Purpose, and whose sense of Purpose has allowed their success.


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