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Jun 11, 2022

Welcome everyone to interview #00030 of The 10,000 Heroes Show.


I’m Ankur Shah Delight and today’s guest is Leigh Brasington. Leigh is a well-known meditation teacher and expert on the “Jhanas” who I’ve known about for a while. I was reading one of his books earlier this year, and I had a number of “aha moments” while reading it, and a lot of questions. So I reached out to him and he was so good about answering my questions, I thought, this guy would be great for the show. And he was.


One thing that is coming up for me a lot these days is the incredible power we each have, as human beings, when we are aligned and using our energy and intention for things we really care about. There is really so much we can do when we’re working with – and not against our passion. That comes out in this interview for sure, and maybe is a common thread in my personal definition of what a hero is – somebody who has identified their passion and purpose, and has oriented their life around it.


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Thank you everyone for listening!