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Apr 1, 2023


#000XX Season 5 Closer



What did this episode awaken in you? Don’t be shy.


Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of 10,000 Heroes.


I'm your host, Ankur Shah Delight. This is a little different than the normal episode. This is more of an announcement. This is the end of season five.


So I did this awesome experiment in the last few months with Martin. We produced 39 episodes in 13 weeks, which is way more than we normally do.


Normally it's one a week and we got a ton of feedback and my head is spinning. I have all kinds of new ideas, so I just wanted to announce to you: We got some data, we got some information.


I'm stoked and I have some plans in the hopper and I'm gonna let them digest a little bit, like see what's going on in there.


So I'm gonna take a break.


Maybe it'll be two weeks, maybe it'll be three weeks, maybe it'll be a month.


Maybe it's completely different. Maybe it's exactly the same, but I think there's gonna be some changes around here, and I'm gonna really try and push myself to be the person I've always wanted to be and this is gonna draw me forth to that.


And I'm excited to be on this journey and it's gonna be awesome. I know that.

And it's gonna be challenging. I know that.


And I'm stoked. So hang on tight. See you soon.   


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