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May 21, 2022

Faithful listeners!

[TLDR: Here's the link:]

It's a been a year since we started this podcast -- 10,000 Heroes -- and we're now 28 episodes deep, which leaves 9,972 episodes to go.


I want those next 9,972 episodes to be awesome. For me that means two things:

- They fulfill my mission

- They meet your needs


Correspondingly, there are two "streams of work" here. One of which includes a prize for you.


First of all, I'm in process of discernment about what exactly I'm trying to achieve with 10,000 Heroes. And that's going really well.


Second of all, I want to understand you a little better, which is why I've created this fancy little listener survey I'm asking you to take.


Once I get both of those halves crystal clear -- my intentions and your needs -- I'll be able to find that perfect striped area in the Venn diagram, and everybody will be stoked.


So, pretty please click on this survey link:


As an extremely humble token of my appreciation, I will send you a watercolor postcard somehow related to this podcast (I haven't made it yet), if you fill out the survey, whether you like the podcast or not. I promise.


This has been a fantastic journey for Nate and myself, from my initial interview with Uncle Jamal over a year ago (which is still probably my favorite), to our 33rd interview with Casey Jourdan, which I recorded last week.


Thank you for your listening in the past, your attention at present, and your participation in our future.


And as Thomas Pynchon sometimes reminds me: Keep cool but care!


And here's that survey link once again: