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Sep 4, 2021

Ankur interviews Kory Goldberg and Michelle Decary, who started a 14-acre farm in Quebec not only to provide food or leave a positive impact on their environment, but also as an efficient means of investigating personal growth and spiritual development.


We talk about:


What’s the relationship between farming and activism?

How is farming related to spirituality and meditation?

Is there a way to be a hip/modern farmer without being totally exhausted?

How is working with your hands therapeutic?

Right Livelihood and human connection (Know Your Farmer)

The resurgence of young people going back into agriculture

Can small farming work economically?

How they envisioned the farm to build balance in from the outset.

The role of meditation and equanimity in their daily life (and parenting)

Parenting and self-compassion

How they got conned into writing a guidebook on pilgrimage


References from the show:


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