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May 14, 2022

Welcome to Episode #00028, Season 3, of the Ten Thousand Heroes Podcast.    

I’m Ankur Shah Delight and today we’re releasing an interview with trauma-informed writer Evan Wagoner Lynch.


While there’s a lot of great moments in this interview, especially with the Squirrel puppet, my favorite part is how Evan does his best to describe the ineffable, those moments we’ve all had – I would wager – and we all struggle so much to describe, and to re-experience. 


Evan and I get there through talking about therapy, self-therapy, ketamine therapy, and squirrel puppets, which is what he is now notorious for on tik-tok.


The Squirrel, not the ketamine.


As far as I know.


Before rolling the tape, as it were, I’m also coming to you with a special request. I recently created a short, funny, audience survey and I personally entreat you to fill it out.


The link is below, alongside our email, twitter, and voice memo gadget. If you’re a regular listener, please please please, fill out that short survey and let us know what role we play in your life.


It will help us make this show even better.


And, to sweeten the deal, I’m throwing in a hand-painted watercolor postcard to every survey respondent! I know, right?

As always, thank you for listening, let us know what you think through this handy link in the show notes and stay tuned for our debrief in the next episode.


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