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Dec 31, 2022

This is Ten Thousand Heroes and I’m Ankur Shah Delight.


Welcome back and Happy New Year.


This episode marks the crossing of a threshold. After over 18 months in existence, and our first 80 episodes under our built, I wanted to share my goals for the podcast in 2023, and some first steps of how I think I’m going to get there.


My big, hairy, audacious goal (Thanks Jim) for this podcast is to throw a giant party in the summer of 2023 that will bring together the 10kh community for the first time. 


I’m thinking around 100 people all in one place, for a weekend, having a great time.


In order to do that there has to be a 10kh community, which there currently is not. At the moment, we have me doing interviews, Nate busting my balls, and Martin doing production. With a few hundred (300-1,500) listeners spread over the planet, depending on the episode.


But community means connection. Deep connection. Real connection. Knowing what is up in someone’s heart connection.


Luckily, I know how to do that really well, where I live and with my friends. So I’m going to try to bring some of that knowledge to bear in this ephemeral digital space. 


In this episode I share the plan. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


In fact, there’s only 2 important parts to the plan:

  1. I do a lot of work (listen to the episode for the deets)
  2. You give me feedback (which you can do right now, and at any other time).


To give me feedback, use the voicemail or email below. Or if that doesn’t work, suggest something else. I’m open to it. 





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About our sponsor:

10,000 Heroes is brought to you by Momentum Lab. 


I normally refer to Momentum Lab as a coaching program or a goal accelerator.


But you could also call it a Master's degree in life.


When you join Momentum Lab, you get crystal clear on what it is you actually want. Who you want to be, what you want to do, and how you want to contribute.


And then we get into all the painful details of what has been blocking you this whole time. 


Once that’s all in the clear, we can give you the knowledge, tools and support to actualize your vision. 


Sometimes that's a spreadsheet. Sometimes it's a mindset hack. Sometimes it's a lecture and sometimes it's a hug.


Our only attachment is to your higher self.


So when you're ready to be the next version of yourself and your business for your family, or just for your own sense of fulfillment, drop me a line ;)