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Oct 30, 2021

Well, almost. Today’s guest is Brian Freeman, the author of the latest two novels in the Jason Bourne saga. We get into heroism and anti-heroism with Brian, why we’re so drawn to him, the connection between Bourne and Gandhi, and why Bourne can’t keep a steady girlfriend. Brian also shares some of the travails and...

Oct 16, 2021

After careers as an airline hostess and therapist, Lesleigh Tolin has dedicated her life to helping others uncover, process, and heal their grief. She shows Ankur how to support grieving friends, dispels six common myths about grief, puts the “stages of grief” in careful perspective, and much more…


Oct 2, 2021

Pete Maynard draws inspiration from the natural world: plants, animals, and the beauty of our environment. We investigate how spending years in the wilderness has affected him, and try to understand what we can do in our daily lives to recreate that ineffable feeling of connection with “Nature.”