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Dec 17, 2022


This whole season we’ve been talking about purpose. In today’s episode, Nate and I discuss how Amy Robbins’s approach to death can influence that sense of purpose


One thing I loved is this specter of “The Life Review” that Amy brings to us. How can anticipating the moment of our death give us insight as to how to live our lives? How can it contribute to our our sense of vision, meaning, and purpose?


We also discuss the two ways in which we use the question “Why” – one to explain the past and one to inform the future.


Once again, we find ourselves trying to integrate, and include, all these different takes on what we’re doing here into how we can each live our most meaningful life.


Thank you so much for exploring Purpose with us this season. Stayed tuned for our next and final episode of 2022, from one of my oldest and best friends tying the bow on living a life of Purpose.


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