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Apr 12, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to The 10,000 Heroes Show, your new favorite podcast. We had an excellent Season 2, and today I want to announce a little bit about Season 3 — some structural changes and some episode previews.  

So one big experiment in Season 3 is that Nate and I will do our debriefs as separate episodes. So we’ll have the guest interview as one episode and the debrief as another episode after that. My hope is that it will make the different types of content easier to find. 


It’ll also help me get to 10,000 faster. Maybe 250 years instead of 500, at the current rate.


The other big experiment is that I have set up a voicemail dropbox for podcast listeners. I want to hear your take on the episodes – what you learned, what you loved, and what you didn’t. I’ll be including that link on the show notes to every episode. So please, if you were moved by an episode, go to that link, tell us which episode you just listened to, and how it affected your life.


So those are the structural changes. In terms of guests, we already have the first 6 episodes scheduled.


The first interview of Season 3, episode 26, is with an old friend of mine, Harrison Gardner, who gets deep into how the physical structures that surround us affect our lives, and how we can affect theirs.


Episode 28 features a mystical poet, Haleh Liza, who is totally fluent in my love language, which is Rumi. It’s one of my favorite interviews in the whole show – Nate did a fantastic job.


In Episode 30 I talk to Evan Wagoner Lynch about an self-therapy art project he created involves a Squirrel puppet and went viral on tik-tok.


In Episode 32, Nate interviews an herbalist, Richard Mandelbaum, about balancing different intellectual traditions.


After that, we have a meditation teacher, Leigh Brasington in Episode 34. I was so honored to get to do that interview and deeply surprised by what Leigh had to say.


And the sixth episode in Season 3, Episode 36, is with rhythm teacher Zorina Wolf. Zorina gets real deep real fast, and I had a total blast interviewing her and trying to grasp the nature of Time in ways only a real drummer can.


As you probably noticed, those are all even episodes. The “odd” ones, in more ways than one, will be the debriefs I do with Nate.


I am very excited about the beginning of this Season. I would love to hear from you, please leave us a message in our fancy mailbox, and of course, follow us on twitter @10khshow to get the latest for episode release dates and the like.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!