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Oct 29, 2022

This is Ten Thousand Heroes and I’m Ankur Shah Delight.


10kh is here to provide inspiration, intimacy, and maybe even a little bit of guidance, as to what it means to live a truly purposeful life, and how we each can get there in our own individual way.


Welcome back! I’m so excited about today’s episode. It’s one of the ones I wanted to release the day I did the interview, because it was just so inspiring. Stephanie is going through life doing exactly what I want to do – surrounding herself with the intimate details of what it’s like to do SUPERHUMAN transformation, and then having that sink in and inform her every action.


That’s how I see it at least.


But before jumping in, I want to share something with you. It’s actually an invitation. This December, I am hosting an in-person retreat in Joshua Tree, california. It’ll be 4 days and 3 nights of work Purpose, Vision, and togetherness. We’ll be diving into a lot of what we talk about on the podcast – what are we here to do, how do we actually do it, and what’s standing in our way.


I call it the Night Vision Summit, and I’m running with two of my best friends. Nathan ramos, the cohost of this show, and Matt Coffman, who hasn’t been on this show yet, but he will. The three of us run Momentum Lab together, and we try to get together in person with people who resonate with the message a couple of times a year.


If that’s appealing to you, check out:


And if there’s anything you’d like to share with me about that, drop me a line at

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Reckonings episode #21 (1-hour audio) — featuring a perpetrator and survivor of sexual assault who worked through it using restorative justice:


Deep Reckonings video of Brett Kavanaugh (5-min video) — an imaginary Kavanaugh wrestles with the way he responded to the sexual allegations against him:


Venn thread — Twitter thread that uses Venn diagrams in attempt to articulate 'synthesis' positions on political issues:


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