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Nov 12, 2022

This is Ten Thousand Heroes and I’m your host Ankur Shah Delight.


Ten Thousand Heroes is about Purpose, Vision, and Inspiration. I see us all as arrows of love contributing to the evolution of human happiness and consciousness, each in our own unique and perfect way. 


My conversation today was with Jeff Salzman, who is best known for his podcast The Daily Evolver. We’ve run into the integral worldview a couple of times on this show, and Jeff is one of its best known proponents. 


I left the conversation with a deep sense of relaxation, because that’s what Jeff exudes. If you’re looking for an antidote to all the fear-mongering and restlessness and stress that is so accessible, but without ignoring the giant issues at stake, this episode is for you. 


Before we start – a little reminder – our movement, Momentum Lab, is having its 2nd ever in person gathering. We’re getting together from December 15th-18th at Joshua Tree california for a transformative retreat. If you want to get the next level of clarity into your personal Purpose and Vision with me and the rest of the Momentum Lab core team, I highly suggest you check it out. 


It’s called the Night Vision Summit and the details are at slash n v s. n v s like night vision summit. Or be modern and click on the link in the show notes.


Ok! Welcome back to the show, and Welcome Jeff Salzman. Let’s jump in.


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