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Jan 28, 2023

This week’s interview is with Katy Bowman. While Katy is officially a biomechanist, she’s best known as an award-winning author who reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. She has published eight books and been all over TV, but I know her mainly as an incredibly thoughtful and creative person (and friend).


As I was reviewing this interview, I think the thing I was proudest off is that she spends most of her time off-message, just exploring our interests together and applying her unique perspective to the topics of the day: marketing, influencers, convenience, television, the economy, etc…


…rather than staying narrowly focused on her domain of expertise. That said, I did get some movement-related ideas out of her that will be challenging for the remaining 6 billion of us who are not immersed in her work. 


Hint: Architect your life so walking is a must, not leisure.


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