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Sep 3, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to the The 10,000 Heroes Show. 


We’re here to help you investigate, clarify, and refine your own sense of purpose, and then align your life to be in harmony with it. We do this through inspiring examples, difficult conversation, and experiments. 


Our guest today is Rabbi Rachel Weiss, and this interview really did it for me.


There’s just somethings I reliably loving listening to and talking about. Psychedelic medicines, mystic poetry, loving ones enemies, astronomy, the pursuit of mastery. I just can’t get enough.


And my conversation with Rachel hit this sweet spot snuggled right in between social change and spirituality that I just couldn’t get enough of.


As she says so eloquently, Rachel is in the business of hope. Like Uncle Jamal, who was our first guest on this podcast.


And hope is this rare jewel that can transform our everyday experience from drudgery to inspiration, and has fueled some of the most beautiful movements of our times – like the black civil rights struggle in the 60s and various independence movements, all over the world, from Haiti in 1791 to today. 


So please join us and drink deeply of Rachel’s wisdom, inspiration, patience, and hope.


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