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May 27, 2023


Most of us love avoiding conflict...

 ...if love is evaluated on the basis of our actions rather than our words.

 And there's some really good reasons the mind avoids conflict.


1. You can't lose if you don't play (risk-averse)

2. Conflict means somebody (you) f*cked up. (guilt/shame)


There's also another really...

May 20, 2023



What did this episode awaken in you? Don’t be shy.


This is a different kind of episode. 


I ended up meeting my guest in person, which, hilariously, is actually much tricker to record than meeting online. I had a videocamera I was playing with and found it really difficult to...

May 14, 2023

So last week I came at you with a whole map of what I'm going to do this season, involving 10 definitions of heroism. 


And this week -- predictably, if you knew me -- I'm not exactly going to do that. But it'll be close.


I’m going to explain why finding our purpose (analytically) is going to be a question of...

May 6, 2023


What did this episode awaken in you? Don’t be shy.


Welcome to the first interview of Season 6. As you may know, I want to devote this season to Conflict.


I took this course in Mediation, the light has been revealed to me, and now I see every conflict as an integral part of my...

May 3, 2023

Today I want to share my plan with you for the next season of this show, Season 6.


This season, I'm going to focus my solocasts on my own definitions of what a hero is, using the last 2 years of this podcast as my body of research. 


I've come up with 10 different definitions of heroism so far, and I'm going to do an...