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Aug 20, 2022


Welcome back to The 10,000 Heroes Show with your host Ankur Shah Delight.


The goal of this podcast is nothing short of the total evolution of society, so get settled, it’ll take a while.


Our best guess at how to do that is through individuals. Specifically, helping each one of us align our external actions with our internal sense of mission and purpose, so we gain energy every moment from that which we used to call “work”.


And that, of course, is our definition of a hero. Or, to put it another way, A Hero is someone for whom just being their best selves is the biggest contribution they can make to the world.


In this episode, I interview Alida Miranda Wolff. There’s a lot that’s impressive about Alida, from her career trajectory to her recent book to her art. But what I really love about her, and this interview, is her transparency about her own journey, and her relationship with vision.


Alida interacts daily and intentionally with her sense of vision and purpose. It wasn’t until this conversation that I realized the degree of entitlement many of us (including myself) have around vision, as if we just Deserved to know our purpose in intimate detail, or a divine figure would reveal it to us fully formed.


So here’s the challenge: take her advice and run the experiment.


Of course, we do something pretty similar in Momentum Lab, our coaching program.


The important thing to me is not the specific actions or methodology, but rather the practice of keeping that vision alive and at the forefront of our consciousness. Every month, every week, every day. 

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